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What Scouts did in March 2022
19/04/2022 By Jon Bloor

A little later this month but after positive feedback here goes...

Week 1 - Your Voice Counts (and pancakes too)

We welcomed the District Youth Comissioner, Sophie, to help us gather ideas from Scouts to shape the future programme.  These have been collated and responded to.  The Scouts also cooked mini-pancakes on a tin can.

Week 2 - "Mop up Meeting"

This session was aiming to be a quick fire set of activities to help us cover internet safety, what teamwork means, promoting Scouting, learning about the effects of drugs.

Thursday Scouts created a large banner for the window which is backlit by the hall lights for passers by to see!

Week 3 - " A Bit More of the Same" 

We completed more activities and played some games.  With a badge order going in, we were keen to help the Scouts get as far as possible with their badgework.  Scouts also worked on agreeing a personal challenge with the leaders - keep up the good work! 

Week 4 - Preparing for an Expedition

This week the scouts learned about preparing for an expedition by looking at route planning tools with OS Maps online, Drawing a life size hiker with the equipment they need to carry and also the food they might east before, during and after a day of hiking.

Week 5 - The Big Issues

I am sure the Scouts were pleased to see the last of the fitness sessions with everyone improving over the four weeks!  We also had some troop discussions on issues, challenged gender stereotypes and one one evening finished in time to play the chocolate game with fairtrade bars.

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Blog | What Scouts did in February 2022
14/03/2022 By Jon Bloor

We had a lovely set of meetings in Feburary

Week 1 - "The Trading Post"

Working towards the Skills challenge, we had a fund "Trading Post" where Scouts could buy materials from the leaders, transform them and sell them back for a profit.  A busy but fun session - with nice feedback received from parents too.

Week 2 - "Wide Games"

Although it was cold and dark, we met at Willesley and played some wide games out of doors - it was good to play old favourites and some new ones as well.

Week 3 - "Half Term"

We stopped meeting during half term due to low numbers but we are happy to listen to Scouts and their families in future.

Week 4 - "Shooting"

The County Shooting Team came along and ran shooting sessions for both Troops. This was very well received with some Scouts taking their first shot and others improved their skill.  Some photos are here.


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Blog | What Scouts did in January 2022
05/02/2022 By Jon Bloor

Scouts started back on 11th January, both troops seeing good numbers returning, although a few members were absent due to Covid.

Week 1 - "Welcome Back"

Scouts did a quick wordsearch for the promise and law and some new games which went down well.  The Scouts took a "leap of faith" which was great to see (a trust activity where scouts launch themselves into the outstretched arms of the rest of the Troop.

Week 2- "Mini Hike"

With no time to prepare the cooking activity, we substituted the "Mini NESST" hike the Explorers had created the previous evening (thanks Paul!).  The Scouts had to plan a route between a number of given grid references and all seemed to enjoy their walk round Moira, Hicks Lodge and Donisthorpe

Week 3 - "Food Around the World"

Each patrol was allocated equipment and ingredients to cook a meal from another country.  It was great to cook, chat, taste and work as a patrol.  Each of the options was vegetarian and very tasty.  Most were one pan dishes too - ideal for on camp.



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Blog | Geocaching Hike Resources
20/05/2021 By Jon Bloor
Scouts Craft Activity

Tonight the Scouts will be hiking to try to find and log up to 8 Geocaches.  

  • Suggested route:
  • As a GPX file:
  • The Geocaches  for import into an app:


The route is 

  1. Cross the playing field and head towards the pipe wall.  Note the first cache is here.
  2. Follow the path straight on to the A444 - cross with car, head left past the chip shop and past the houses. 
  3. Where the road bends, take the footpath to the left and continue over several fields picking up several caches along the way.
  4. If time is on your side continue to Netherseal and follow the road through the village, collecting another cache as you go.  If not, head along Gorsey Lane.
  5. There is a geocache just off the route.  
  6. Where Gorsey Land meets the road out of the village, take the path over the field and pick up a cache near the lake.  
  7. Where the path forks, head right and you will appear at the crossroads mentioned in 3 above.  Return the way you came, watching out for a clever cache. 
  8. You may wish to cross sooner and head up the road and then along the path behind the houses to the playing fields.


Some groups might like to do steps 3-7 in reverse.


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Scouts' Post to Help Out
05/02/2021 By Jon Bloor

At the end of November 2020, local Scouts, the 4th Ashby, didn't know if they'd be allowed to carry out the Scout Post service which they have undertaken for over 35 years to raise valuable funds.

However, risk assessments completed and approved, the team pulled out all the stops to get the service up and running.

"Whilst things were a little slower starting than usual, we delivered a decent number of cards, hopefully helping the people of Ashby out." said Group Scout Leader, Jon Bloor. "Although for us as a charity in our own right, things have been tough, we all wanted to help other local groups out this year."

4th Ashby Scout Group is open to boys and girls from Ashby and the surrounding area. Founded in 1976, the group has met in several locations in town including the Baptist Church and Methodist Chapel. More recently, they have used the Scout Hut on Wilfred Gardens and can often be found out and about in town or at Willesley Campsite.

A poll was held amongst the many members of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who helped to sell, sort and deliver the cards and local charities Charity Link and Rainbows Hospice were chosen. Today a donation of £250 has been made to Charity Link and Rainbows Hospice will follow shortly.

Particular thanks must go to The Card Cottage in Ashby and Daybreak Services in Packington for being collection points for the cards. Thank you to the people of Packington, Smisby and Ashby who supported the service and to the many families of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at 4th Ashby.

The Scout Post will return in December 2021.

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