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4th Ashby de la Zouch Scout Group

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Ashby and Coalville District Scouts, Leicestershire

Group Policies...

We don't want to be bogged down in red tape but we do need to outline how WE do things here at 4th Ashby.
By publishing them on our website it's clear for all to see how we do things. Almost always any policies and procedures we approve and implement are to enable us to work to the Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules.
  • Admissions & Membership (Reviewed Nov 2017)
  • Benevolent Fund Policy (Reviewed Nov 2017)
  • Expenses Policy (approved October 2009)
Should any of these policies raise an issue, please contact the Chair of the Executive committee or the Group Scout Leader.

Admissions & Membership

Youth Membership of 4th Ashby Scout Group is at the discretion of the Group Scout Leader (as outlined in The Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)) At 4th Ashby we will:
  • Admit young people who's ages match those prescribed in POR subject to the limits on size. The Scout Association has not defined a maximum size for the Scout Troop but due to the size of our meeting hall we cannot accept more than 36 young people.
  • Record interest for places over and above these numbers and, whilst maintaining contact with the parents of these children, endeavour to allocate places based on
  1. the age of the child
  2. the willingness of parents to offer regular support to the section
  3. the length of time they have been on the list
  • Requests for places must be made via our online form or a paper equivalent from a section leader.
  • Transfers from other groups will be given serious consideration, including temporarily increasing the maximum size of the section.
  • Membership is subject to payment of the monthly membership fee, preferably by Standing Order.
  1. Payment shall commence at the start of the month following the investiture of the member
  2. There is no charge to try (i.e. sessions prior to investiture).
  3. Section leaders shall aim to complete all investitures within 4 weeks of joining.
  4. Cases of financial hardship shall be made to the Group Scout Leader who will discuss some partial reduction for a set period of time before a review of circumstances is made.
  • Membership is fully open to all young people aged between 5 3/4 and 18. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
  • Membership is subject to completion of a full membership form (available from a section leader or online). Trial membership requires a smaller form to be completed.
  • Membership requires a uniform.
This policy will be reviewed in Mar 2018

Benevolent Fund Policy

Who can apply? Any member with a financial need can apply (evidence might be required), however, priority will be given to individuals who fulfil one or more of the criteria below:
  • Young Carers
  • Child/ Young Person in care
  • Recent death of Parent (within 12 months)
  • In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance /Benefits
  • Convalescence after illness
  • In receipt of Free School Meals
  • Physical/mental health issues (applicants own)
  • Recent redundancy (of applicant or next of kin, within 12 months)
  • Total household income level below £23,000
  • Young person in Part Time work (less time to fundraise)
  • Young person in need of additional support in the form of a Carer whilst abroad.
Please ask to speak to the Group Scout Leader, in complete confidence. Monitoring
  • Any funds given will be monitored every 6 months
  • The GSL must write an email to the Treasurer outlining the areas of payment needed. This will then be counter signed by the Treasurer.
  • No money will be given to the scout or parent directly, it will come out of the group accounts to fund the specified activity.
Payment types to include
  • Membership Fees (12 month period or a set time period)
  • 1 week or 1 weekend camp (UK based)
This Policy will be reviewed in Mar 2018

Expenses Policy

Personal Funds
  • Cost should not be a deterrent to being a volunteer. Whilst individuals may choose to waive costs at times neither volunteers nor staff should incur unwelcome expenses through their support of Scouting.
  • It is the responsibility of volunteers and staff to ensure that they use the most cost-effective method of delivering their responsibilities. The policy is designed to recompense out of pocket expenditure but everyone should be minded of the cost to Scouting of their actions.
  • Speak to the Treasurer or GSL for the exact list of what is acceptable expenditure.
  • All requests for reimbursement must state the meeting, event or other information that substantiates the validity of the claim and must be approved by GSL or Treasurer. Receipts must be attached.
  • Please speak to your GSL before large purchases are made.
  • Nobody should authorise their own or a family member’s expenses.
  • Reimbursement will be via electronic banking so if you change your banking details please inform the Treasurer asap. If another form of reimbursement is required, please ask the Treasurer or GSL.
  • Officials Authorised to Sign Expenses Claims: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Group Scout Leader
To make an expense claim:
  1. Complete an expense claim form, see Appendix A.
  2. Claims must ideally be submitted within 3 months, ahead of the end of February year end or within March.
  3. Email a copy of the form or print, sign and send to the Treasurer or GSL who will approve the claim. Please either scan receipts and attach to electronic copy or send receipts with printed form. Reimbursement will happen as quickly as possible however please contact if payment is urgent
Cash Advances / Cheques

Cash advance

  • If a volunteer requires cash to purchase goods or services (e.g. camp expenses) on behalf of the group or section then a cash advance form (see Appendix B) is to be completed by the treasurer or GSL for what the money is to be used for. The volunteer receiving the money is to sign the form to say they have received it.
  • After the activity, the volunteer must give receipts and remaining balance to the Treasurer/GSL to put with the Cash advance form.
  • If any surplus money is going to be used for any extra purchases then again receipts must be attached and written on the form.

Group cheque books

  • Cheques for Expenses - No group cheques can be written by a section leader to themselves to pay for their personal expenses. No cheques can be written by a section leader to pay for any volunteer’s expenses. As a group, we are promoting online payments for security, transparency of expenditure and to avoid accusations of fraud. If a cheque is required, then the treasurer or GSL has to write and countersign.
  • Cheques for Purchases – if a Group cheque is used to pay for purchases such as equipment or camp sites then please give the receipt to the Treasurer informing of purchase by cheque.
  • Number of Signatories - Each cheque needs to be signed by 2 signatories. Any person in a close personal or family relationship must not sign the cheque of another party to that relationship. This for the protection of those individuals against claims of misappropriation.
  • Approved Signatories for cheques on group accounts – GSL, Treasurer, Chair & Secretary
  • Approved Signatories for the Seeonnee Account - Treasurer, GSL, Section Leader (Andrew), Assistant Section Leader (Angie)

Prepaid Cards

The use of the pre-paid cards is a trial for financial year 2017/2018 with the intent to
  • make basic payments for weekly meet activities easier for volunteers
  • reducing volunteer financial commitment
  • allowing flexibility on camps and activities and reducing risk of volunteer members carrying large amounts of cash
Please note use of these cards is still governed by the rules of acceptable expenditure and MUST HAVE VALID RECEIPTS. Please also remember to go online to your account and categorise your expenditure. Each section/card will have a balance of £60 and this will be topped up as money is spent. If the card balance needs to be higher, for example to cover camp purchases, then please inform the Treasurer of the amount needed 1 week before the event. Be aware payments from the CAF bank to the FairFX account must be initiated, dual authorised and then transferred. This cannot happen overnight. The Treasurer will be pulling off statements from the prepaid cards every month and valid receipts must be kept and given to the Treasurer. This policy will be reviewed in Mar 2018
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