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Blog | What Scouts did in January 2022
By Jonathan Bloor

Scouts started back on 11th January, both troops seeing good numbers returning, although a few members were absent due to Covid.

Week 1 - "Welcome Back"

Scouts did a quick wordsearch for the promise and law and some new games which went down well.  The Scouts took a "leap of faith" which was great to see (a trust activity where scouts launch themselves into the outstretched arms of the rest of the Troop.

Week 2- "Mini Hike"

With no time to prepare the cooking activity, we substituted the "Mini NESST" hike the Explorers had created the previous evening (thanks Paul!).  The Scouts had to plan a route between a number of given grid references and all seemed to enjoy their walk round Moira, Hicks Lodge and Donisthorpe

Week 3 - "Food Around the World"

Each patrol was allocated equipment and ingredients to cook a meal from another country.  It was great to cook, chat, taste and work as a patrol.  Each of the options was vegetarian and very tasty.  Most were one pan dishes too - ideal for on camp.




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