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Blog | What Scouts did in February 2022
By Jonathan Bloor

We had a lovely set of meetings in Feburary

Week 1 - "The Trading Post"

Working towards the Skills challenge, we had a fund "Trading Post" where Scouts could buy materials from the leaders, transform them and sell them back for a profit.  A busy but fun session - with nice feedback received from parents too.

Week 2 - "Wide Games"

Although it was cold and dark, we met at Willesley and played some wide games out of doors - it was good to play old favourites and some new ones as well.

Week 3 - "Half Term"

We stopped meeting during half term due to low numbers but we are happy to listen to Scouts and their families in future.

Week 4 - "Shooting"

The County Shooting Team came along and ran shooting sessions for both Troops. This was very well received with some Scouts taking their first shot and others improved their skill.  Some photos are here.



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