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Scouts Challenged Across the County
By Jonathan Bloor

Hopefully, all participants collected their badges and certificates and are fully rested after this weekend's Rambling Fox event. Almost 500 young people took part in Cub, Scout and Explorer challenge and were supported by 125 adult volunteers.

4th Ashby fielded three teams of 6, and all Scouts finished the challenge of 7 miles and five activities (with thunderstorms mixed with showers and sunshine).

Team Mu, featuring Alex, Gethin, Riley, Rupert, Samuel and Thomas, scored 705/1200 for the challenges (ranking 32nd) and 98/120 for the teamwork competition (ranking 25th).  

Team Theta, consisting of Caitlin, George, Harry, Jenson, Kyle and Rosie, scored 677/1200 for the challenges (ranking 35th) and 71/120 for teamwork (36th)

Team Gamma, with Jamie, Julian, Kaelan, Leon, Will and William, scored 158/1200 and 105/120 for the challenge and teamwork competitions, ranking them 25th and 14th, respectively.

For the challenge award, scores ranged from 514-963; on the teamwork award, that range was 60-114.  Forty-four teams completed the event (including one merged from three Scout groups to allow competitors to finish).

Scouts are asked to check carefully to see if they have returned all equipment borrowed for the event.




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