Achievement and Awards

We like to celebrate all kinds of success. One of the nice things about a website is that we can easily add lots of records and continue those celebrations.

Chief Scout's Awards

These are generally presented at a group event or occasion. For Scouts, a presentation event follows organised by Leicestershire Scouts.


  • Henry Evans
  • Sebastian Cherry
  • Maxwell Robins
  • Jack Ward


  • Alistair Lester
  • Thomas Ward
  • Nicholas Drew
  • Benjamin Nash
  • Demi Mclusky
  • Jenson Simpson
  • Tristan Bloor
  • James Beavin
  • Leo Strether-Hall


  • Ethan Barrett
  • Tom Haslewood
  • Logan Jones
  • Rohan Tench
  • Joshua Marshal
  • Oliver Heathcote
  • Holly Watson
  • James Colbourne


  • Dylan Mummery
  • Harry Collin
  • Joseph Nash
  • Jody Collett
  • Joshua Fish
  • Grace Lyon
  • Jacob Edwards
  • Sofia Palumbo
  • Dylan Coughlin
  • Alex Davies
  • Benjamin Stevenson
  • William Stafford
  • Daniel Lewis
  • Thomas Mansfield
  • Freddie Anderson
  • Charley Showell



  • Aiden Chandler
  • Luke Edwards
  • Fraser Cooper
  • George Pedder
  • Lucas Beighton


  • Jack Bone
  • Willliam Gray
  • William Hyde
  • Jacob Theivendran


  • Joshua Bhardwaj
  • Daniel Vernon
  • Harry Sanganee
  • Kai Ferguson
  • Freddie Ball
  • Oliver Cooper
  • Callum Lomas
  • Ryan Campion
  • Harmony Bath
  • Flynn Eddy
  • Amelia Johnston
  • Beatrice McEniff
  • Jack Gorman


  • Leo Bennett
  • Charlie Harrison
  • Charlie Lisney
  • Finn McEniff
  • Benjamin Stevens
  • Oliver Stevens
  • Jacob Atherton
  • Joshua Cribb


  • Alex Garnham
  • Andrew Nevin


  • Rhys James


  • Samual Sothwart
  • Ethan Barrett
  • Rupert Bloor
  • Harry Fillary
  • James Gill
  • Riley Randall
  • Stefan Petraru
  • Jake Wevill


  • George Peddar


  • Carrick Fraser
  • Faris Ali
  • Jasper Bath


  • Robert Bland
  • Oliver Stevens
  • Callum Jones
  • Oliver Wyld
  • Jacob Atherton


  • Fred Jackson


  • Matthew Denman
  • Beau Lewin
  • Jack Roe
  • Tom Wilson
  • Abigail Atherton
  • Tristan Betts
  • Patrick Boxall
  • Isabelle Clark
  • Jack Cooper-Sedgley
  • Joshua Deacon
  • Bobby Dickinson-Baker
  • Charlie Harden-Jones
  • Harry Hart
  • Owen Jordan
  • Ryan Laing
  • Colin Ledger
  • Liam Rawden
  • Jake Ridgeway
  • Katie Sanders
  • Ashley Smith
  • Ollie Thurbon


  • Lewis Coke


  • Ben Sanderson
  • Rhys James


  • Ryan McMenamin


  • Daniel Crumley


  • Sam McDermott


  • Evan Mindham
  • Emlyn Wilcox


  • Oliver Allsop
  • Jack Yeomans


  • Lauren Kaye
  • Oliver Statham
  • Ashley Bailey


  • Will Fletcher
  • Jack Weaver
  • Rachel Weaver
  • Harry Watson


  • George Fletcher
  • Thomas Bagley
  • Joshua Kaye
  • Edward Sherriff


  • Daniel Bagley
  • Ben McManus


  • Chris Jameson
  • James Southward


  • Andrew Haigh


  • Robert Wigner
  • Peter Gibson
  • Andrew Leake

Member of the Year

This is a trophy presented at the Annual General Meeting each summer.

Woodland Beavers

Rupert Benstead joined Woodland Beaver Colony as a very quiet, young Beaver but has shown great progress in skills and confidence.  He is still one of our quieter Beavers. Still, He is always enthusiastic about new activities, ready to share thoughtful answers, kind to other Beavers in the colony and helpful to the Leaders.  Congratulations, Rupert.

  • 2022 - Rupert Benstea

  • 2021 - Benjamin Nash

Benjamin is an amazing individual who always joined in, doing his best in everything he did even when we went into lockdown he was always doing what he could to join in with the activities that were sent out.

  • 2020 - Not Presented

  • 2019 - Ethan Barrett

Beaver of the year goes to Ethan Barrett 
He is always very polite, gets on with every activity with enthusiasm and encourages other beavers in the group. He is everything a Beaver should be and will grow into a fabulous Cub very well! 
Well done Ethan!
  • 2018 – Benjamin Stevenson

    Ben is always very polite and will get on with any task that is set him, he is a great team player and is happy to help out with anyone who needs a helping hand. It has been a pleasure having Ben in our group and we are going to miss him when he moves up to Cubs after the summer holidays.

  • 2017 – George Peddar

    George has really been a great child to have in beavers, he always has a smile on his face and ready to start any activity coming. At camp, he was really nervous about coming but as soon as he saw everything around him he got really excited and couldn’t wait for the camp to begin. He is always very polite and a very helpful child, we will miss him when he moves up to cubs, but I hope that he will enjoy himself and continue to grow in his scouting life.

  • 2016 – Jack Gorman

    Jack Gorman is always pleasant and polite he joins in with all activities and is always calm and thoughtful, we have never had to have a cross word with him in the 2 years he has been with us.

  • 2015 -Rose Lyon

    Rose was chosen as Beaver of the Year – not an easy decision as there were three strong contenders, but her positive attitude shone through.

  • 2014 – Joshua Cribb

    Excellent attendance, good progress on badgework and a consistently positive attitude

  • 2013 – Maxwell Hydes

  • 2012 – Fred Jackson

  • 2011 – Jack Roe

  • 2010 – Kyle Sharpe

  • 2009 – William Archer

  • 2008 – Emlyn Wilcox

  • 2007

  • 2006 – William Davis

  • 2005 – Tom Boulton

  • 2004 – William Fletcher

  • 2003 – Piers Nicholas

  • 2002 – Jonathan Scott

  • 2001 – Alexander Butterfield

Riverbank Beavers

This colony opened in 2013

While this beaver has only been a member for 1 year, he has already achieved so much, having earned 1 challenge award and 10 activity badges, and has made great progress towards his Bronze Chief Scouts Award.
This beaver always puts his all into any activity we do - from Art to Ziplining, and even if he is feeling nervous will always give his best and challenge himself.
While he rarely likes to be in the limelight, he surprised the leaders by volunteering to be a lodge leader - the only member to do so.
However, in this role, he has set a great example to both his own lodge and others with his quiet and sensible demeanour and is often found helping others complete a project.
  • 2022 - Jack Marsh

  • 2021 - Samuel Onions

Always polite, joins in and most importanylu has fun and plays well.

  • 2020 - Not Presented

  • 2019 - Holly Watson

  • 2018 – Jacob Edwards

    It’s not all about being the bravest or the strongest.
    It’s not always about winning.
    It’s not about being the most competitive or the loudest.
    It’s about building confidence, overcoming shyness, trying new things out of your comfort zone and making new friends.
    This is exactly what this Beaver has done.
    He is one of the quietest, the least competitive but he has overcome shyness, built confidence, tried new things become braver and chattier!
    This Beaver is definitely a winner in our eyes and we are delighted to award Jacob Edwards the Riverbank Beaver of the Year 2018.

  • 2017 – Sofia Palumbo

    This little lady gets stuck into everything, gives anything a go. Is always polite and incredibly helpful and is happy to volunteer for the clearing up duties where most will avoid like the plague!

  • 2016 – Martha Pearce

    She will not let anything stop her, always willing to get stuck in with the activities involved, always has a smile on her face and has recently started to open up a bit more and come out of her shell in meetings.

  • 2015 – Callum Lomas

    He is the very essence of what a Beaver should be. Always kind and helpful, throws himself into every task and does his best with a smile on his face. He has taken on the role of lodge leader and leads by example in true Scouting style.

  • 2014 – Thomas Cort

    For improvement in behaviour and attitude, and befriending the new beavers and looking after them

  • 2013 – Sam Haines

Mountain Ridge Beavers

Opened in January 2018 and closed in 2020

  • 2020 - Not Presented

  • 2019 - Kyle Locke

Simply, Kyle has  reliable attendance, is well behaved and always enthusiastic

  • 2018 – George Broome

    George has attended nearly all the Beavers sessions this year. He approaches tasks with enthusiasm, is always extremely polite, helpful and mature and has been a great example to his fellow Mountain Ridge Beavers. Well done George. Unfortunately, he’s not available to collect this award as he’s busy racing motorbikes but we will award it to him during our next Beavers session.

Hidden Valley Beavers

Opened in January 2018 and closed in 2021.

  • 2021 - Alfie Burrows

Alfie was a very keen member of the colony with a permenant, infectious and cheeky grin.  His attendance beat the leaders! Always throwing himself into any activity, Alfie would have been an obvious choice for lodge leader if lockdown hadn't interupted face-to-face meetings.

  • 2020 - Not Presented

  • 2019 - James Beavin

In less than a year, James has completed most of the Challenge Badges, and will soon have completed his Bronze Award. He is an enthusiastic member of the Colony and is always happy to have a go at something new. Despite being one of our younger members, he sets a great example to the rest of the colony.

  • 2018 – Joey Lewis

    Joey is a very polite young Beaver. He is quietly confident and eager to get involved in any activity. Joey has singularly represented Hidden Valley at the St George’s Day parade and the Warwick Castle event in the short period he has been a Beaver.


Seeonnee Cubs

A keen Cub Scout who always tries hard takes part and encourages others
  • 2022 - Holly Watson
  • 2021 - Samuel Southwart

Samuel has grown as a Cub Scout and has been kind to the new Cubs as we meet again at Willesley.  Well done on a big contribution!

  • 2020 - Not Presented
  • 2019 - Toby Lawson

Toby has been an awesome cub. He always works hard does his very best in everything and is keen to help others when they need assistance. Toby has been a great asset to the pack and it has been our pleasure to get to know him and see him develop into a confident, kind and helpful cub scout whose smile and sense of humour will be missed when he moves on to Scouts.

  • 2018 - Jack Bunney
  • 2017 - Joseph Harris
Joseph has taken part in many Pack activities but has really stepped up since being a sixer
  • 2016 - Jake Lawson
Our cub of the year is based on a points system for attendance, behaviour and helpfulness. This years was a very close and came down to St George's day parade where this cub was the only 1 out of 30 Seeonnee Cubs that attended.
  • 2015 - Fred Jackson
Fred's attitude is first class, he tries hard and takes part in all activities.
  • 2014 - Andrew Nevin
For attendance, participation, behaviour and leadership.
  • 2013 - Jake Chambers
  • 2012 - Joe Jenkins
  • 2011 - George Jackson
  • 2010 - Evan Mindham
  • 2009 - Ben Sanderson
  • 2008 - Ryan Mcmenamin
  • 2007 - Ashley Bailey
  • 2006 - Oliver Clemson
  • 2005 - Harry Watson
  • 2004 - Benjamin Clemson
  • 2003 - George Fletcher
  • 2002 - Matthew Hobbs
  • 2001 - Richard Jones

Waingunga Cubs

This pack opened in 2013
  • 2022 - Riley Randall

Riley always comes to each week with so much energy and enthusiasm. He is polite to all members of the pack, caring towards new members and always so keen to teach other group members when they need help. Riley is a sixer, he sets example behaviour to those within his group, and pack. In addition, Riley always attends meets outside of Tuesday evenings and recently has attended St George's Day and the Calke Abbey Walk, showing a very keen interest in Cubs and working towards his Silver award before moving up to Scouts in September.

  • 2021 - Benjamin Robbins
This member has been an active part of 4th Ashby for a few years he started at Beavers and will shortly be moving on to Scouts, where we at Waingunga hope he will continue to flourish. 
During his time at Waingunga he has shown wonderful life skills  and proved to be a very active and popular member of the pack with both leaders and peers.
He is always engaged, he listens, helps other Cubs, is kind, polite and always try’s his hardest.
He is the first to be standing ready to start the lesson and he will be the first to help other younger Cubs when they are struggling.
That’s not to say he finds everything easy over the weeks he has struggled with certain tasks but will ask for help and remain resilient.
He knows his strengths and is happy to accept help when needed. This Cub has also thought of ways of benefiting the whole group and it was him who approached the leaders and asked if we could do a Cub of the week certificate. He not only suggested the idea but took responsibility each week turning up with another certificate for us to present.
As you move on Benjamin Robbins to Scouts we at Waingunga will miss you and hope you continue to enjoy your scouting journey.
  • 2020 - Not Presented
  • 2019 - Leon Bealing

This Cub has had an impressive attendance record this year. He shows up to the weekly meeting always full of enthusiasm. He is kind to his fellow Cubs and often encourages other members when they are reluctant or nervous. I remember him saying to one Cub “You always have to try and give something a go. You won’t know if you like it or not if you don’t try”. Another occasion he showed empathy for a Cub who was scared of the dark on a night hike and stayed with his friend and supported him.

He is polite and respectful to all. He attended Twycross, Fox Coverts this year as well as canoeing and sailing and did all activities with his usual infectious enthusiasm.
What this boy doesn’t know about dinosaurs isn’t worth knowing and he taught the leaders a few facts while on camp.
All the leaders from Waingunga Cubs believe Leon Bealing should be the Cub of the Year.
  • 2018 - Sam Weatherill
Sam is always willing to participate, has a great attitude and is always well turned out.  Not only that, but he shows great leadership potential with his kind nature towards his fellow Cubs.
  • 2017 - Joshua Pearce
Joshua has been nominated again as he continues to be a first-class cub scout.  He takes part with enthusiasm and good cheer
  • 2016 - Joshua Pearce
Joshua who was invested into Waingunga whilst on a Victorian cakewalk has consistently shown scouting values and is developing good leadership skills. He always puts maximum effort into activities, is amongst the first to pitch into help and is often among the last to leave making sure that equipment is put away. Although we have a fantastic cub pack and all deserve recognition, The Waingunga team have all put Joshua Pearce forward for this award and all wholeheartedly believe he deserves the Waingunga cub of the year award.
  • 2015 - Patrick Boxall
I was able to rely on Patrick being a team captain and to help to organise others with consistent great behaviour.
  • 2014 - Abigail Atherton
Abigail has always been very dedicated to Cubs, taking part in all Cub pack meetings as well as all other activities offered to the Cubs. Her attendance, manners and lovely personality are outstanding and she is a great asset to Waingunga cubs. Abigail is a very determined and committed young girl who puts 100% into everything she does not just at Cubs but at home and school as well
  • 2013 - Harry Hart

Riki-Tikki-Tavi Cubs

This pack opened in 2019 and closed in 2020.
  • 2020 - Not Presented
  • 2019 - Jacob Stroud

You don’t have to be loud to stand out and shine & this cub certainly shines the brightest in 2019. He is quietly confident, eager and happy to please others, a good team player and valuable asset to Riki-Tikki-Tavi cubs. We would like to honour Jacob Stroud with this award.

Scout of The Year

Discovery Troop

Over more recent years, there is a citation, and this is shown below the name where we have it.
  • 2022 - Noah Deacon

All of the Leaders and Young Leaders selected Noah as their Scout of the Year due to his continuing sense of enthusiasm, positive approach and always supporting other Scouts.

  • 021 - Harmony Bath

This Scout motivates any and all of the Troop.  She applies herself well to the activities, shares a sense of fun and is kind and helpful.

  • 2020 - Not Presented
  • 2019 - Patrick Boxall

Patrick has, throughout his time at Scouts shown a sensible attitude and is kind to others.  He has made huge progress as a patrol leader, overcoming some difficult characters.  It was noted how well he mentored younger members of the troop.  Well done Patrick.

  • 2018 – Evan Kenyon
Evan’s “go get them” attitude impressed the leaders this year as well as his friendly manner and his willingness to help younger Scouts.
  • 2017 – Sam McDermott
Sam has impressed the leaders over the last year, especially at camps.
  • 2016 – Abigail Atherton
Abi is a delight to have as a scout, she gives everything she is asked to do her full 100% with her cheery attitude even if she is suffering from her latest injury.
  • 2015 – Tom Wilson
For his politeness and good behaviour on troop nights, trips and out in the community
  • 2014 – Yazmin Bath
Yazmin always gets stuck in and not shy to try new things, loves attending camp. A nice scout who will do anything to help others.
  • 2013 – Benjamin Jenkin
  • 2012 – Owen Wilcox
  • 2011 – Molly Kenning
  • 2010 – Finn Holmes-Kellett
  • 2009 – Rachel Weaver
  • 2008 – Edward Sheriff
  • 2007 – Harry Watson
  • 2006 – George Fletcher
  • 2005 – Christopher Jameson
  • 2004 – Christopher Jameson
  • 2003 – Christopher Jameson
  • 2002 – Christopher Wileman
  • 2001 – Scott Hudson


Challenger Troop

The Challenger Troop was restarted in 2021.

  • 2022 - Oscar Jones-Capell

Oscar is polite, enthusiastic and kind to others.  His help with the Christmas Post over a number of years was particularly noted.

  • 2021 – Lacey-May Lowrie

This Scout always tries hard, takes the lead and helps others.

During lockdown she completed very many activities to make good progress with the badge scheme.

Leader Awards and Achievements

This list is not complete, so please let us know of any omissions.

  • 2022 - Debbie Crumley
  • 2021 - Harriet Lester
  • 2018 - Angela Bath
  • 2018 - Beth Skea
  • 2018 – Sharon Kaye
  • 2020 - Richard Singleton
  • 2018 - Kathryn Bloor
  • 2018 - Alex Timson
  • 2019 - Mark Timson
  • 2018 - Mark Porter
  • 2018 – Andrew Haigh
  • 2018 – Stuart Spare
  • 2018 – Paul Campion
  • 2017 - David "Blossom" Granger
  • 2016 - Andrew Leake
  • 2017 - Jonathan Bloor
  • 2022 – Jonathan Bloor
  • 2010 - Bryan Nevin
  • 2022 - "Blossom" Granger
  • 2016 – John Leake
  • 2016 – Jonathan Bloor

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