Section Teams

Our Section Teams plan, deliver, and run high-quality programmes safely. They make sure all young people can take part in the programme and gain skills for life. They also help young people work towards their Top Awards.

With a brilliant programme, each young person can make a positive impact in society as they step up, speak up, and find their place in the world.

Team Tasks:

  • Work with young people to plan and deliver a great programme, including nights away and adventurous activities, to help them achieve their Top Awards.
  • Find ways to continue to improve the programme.
  • Make good use of stakeholders in their community, including other Scout volunteers.
  • Create a welcoming and accessible environment for volunteers, and create leadership opportunities for Young Leaders.
  • Check volunteers behave positively and in line with Our Volunteering Culture.
  • Mentor volunteers in the team and help them develop, including Young Leaders.
  • Check the programme can run safely.
  • Make sure adult:child ratios are always maintained and there’s a volunteer-in-charge for each session.
  • Create and review risk assessments.
  • Check there are first aid kits or supplies for all activities.
  • Report and review safety and safeguarding incidents in the right way.
  • Get contact and medical details, and demographic data for new members joining the Section.
  • Keep all records up to date, including badges, attendance register, contact details and the programme (as needed).
  • Regularly chat with young people and parents/carers about the programme.
  • Keep social media channels up to date with the Section’s activities (in line with the privacy policy).
  • Help young people move between Sections.
  • Give the Group Trustee Board the information they need to set the budget.
  • Help with collecting membership fees and other payments, when required.

Why not volunteer for a Section Team?

It's not just a young people who benefit from taking part in Scouts. Share your skills, gain new ones, and inspire a generation.

Find out about volunteering

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