The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of the committee’s decision-making process, to enable others to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of members of the committee.

All members of the Committee are obliged to declare any relevant personal, volunteer, professional or business interests.  The Chair shall be responsible for the management of conflicts of interest.  Members may be excluded from the consideration of specific items in which they have an interest which could be considered a conflict of interests.  This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of conflicts of interest.

Examples of conflicts of interest include:

  1. A member who is also a user i.e. parent of explorer/scout/cub/beaver who must decide whether fees from users should be increased.
  2. A member who is related to a member of staff and there is a decision to be taken on staff pay and/or conditions.
  3. A member who is also on the committee that is seeking funding and there is a decision to be taken.
  4. A member who has an interest in a business that may be awarded a contract to do work or provide services for the organisation.

Upon appointment, each committee member will make a full, written disclosure of interests, such as relationships, and posts held, that could potentially result in a conflict of interest. This written disclosure will be kept on file and will be updated as appropriate.

In the case of a conflict of interest arising for a member because of a duty of loyalty owed to another organisation or person, the unconflicted members may authorise such a conflict of interest where the following conditions apply:

  1. the member who has declared the conflict of interest withdraws from the part of the meeting at which there is discussion of any arrangement or transaction affecting that other organisation or person;
  2. the member who has the conflict of interest does not vote on any such matter at the meeting;
  3. the other members who have no conflict of interest in this matter consider it is in the interests of the charity to authorise the conflict of interest in the circumstances applying.

Any such disclosure and the subsequent actions taken will be noted in the minutes.

This policy is meant to supplement good judgment, and members should respect its spirit as well as its wording.

Issued: May 2019