It is 4th Ashby policy that all events and camps should aim to cover their costs.  There should be no significant profit or loss.

The leaders must ensure that

  • Events are planned and costed prior to bookings being taken. Assistance can be given with this by the GSL and treasurer.
  • Events and budgets should be prepared and agreed with GSL BEFORE the fee for any event is taken
  • Budgets which span financial years for special events must be discussed, with the Treasurer and GSL, to identify cash flow requirements across financial years
  • Actual ‘v’ Budget variance is monitored and that significant variances are explained and raised with the GSL
  • Budgets are reviewed at the end of the event
  • Full receipts to be drawn up and passed to Treasurer as soon as possible after events. This should identify income received and expenditure.
  • Any surplus or deficit money from events will be managed by the Group

Additional Factors

  • An event with a budget greater than £5000 must submit greater financial information/planning and progress will be regularly monitored by Leader, GSL & Treasurer
  • Gift Aid – remember this type of activity cannot be gift aided
  • A financial statement for camp and activities, showing the budgeted expenses versus actual expenses should be prepared by the Treasurer at least three times a year and then reviewed by the Executive Committee

If any help is required with any part of this process, then please contact the treasurer or GSL.

Issued: May 2019