Cost should not be a deterrent to being a volunteer. Whilst individuals may choose to waive costs at times neither volunteers nor staff should incur unwelcome expenses through their support of Scouting.
It is the responsibility of volunteers and staff to ensure that they use the most cost-effective method of delivering their responsibilities. The policy is designed to recompense out of pocket expenditure, but everyone should be minded of the cost to Scouting of their actions.  

Please Speak to the Treasurer or GSL for the exact list of what is acceptable expenditure. and BEFORE any large purchases are made, whether via personal money or the pre-paid cards.

General Authorisation and Reimbursement rules

  • Nobody should authorise their own or a family member’s expenses.
  • Reimbursement will be via electronic banking so if you change your banking details please inform the Treasurer asap.  If another form of reimbursement is required, please ask the Treasurer or GSL.
  • Officials Authorised to Sign Expenses Claims: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Group Scout Leader

Personal Money Expenses claim

  • Pass on all receipts to the treasurer
  • Receipts must ideally be submitted within 3 months and ahead of the end of February (year end)
  • Receipts can be scanned for quick processing of claim but can originals please be passed onto treasurer using the receipt letterbox

Reimbursement will happen as quickly as possible however please contact the treasurer if payment is urgent.

Cash advance  

  • If a volunteer requires cash to purchase goods or services (e.g. camp expenses) on behalf of the group or section then speak to the treasurer.  
  • The volunteer receiving the money will need to sign to say they have received it.
  • After the activity, the volunteer must give receipts and remaining balance to the Treasurer

Group cheque books

  • Cheques for Expenses – No group cheques can be written by a section leader to themselves to pay for their personal expenses.  No cheques can be written by a section leader to pay for any volunteer’s expenses. As a group, we are promoting online payments for security, transparency of expenditure and to avoid accusations of fraud.  If a cheque is required, then the treasurer or GSL has to write and countersign.
  • Cheques for Purchases – if a Group cheque is used to pay for purchases such as equipment or camp sites then please give the receipt to the Treasurer
  • Number of Signatories – Each cheque needs to be signed by 2 signatories.  Any person in a close personal or family relationship must not sign the cheque of another party to that relationship.  This for the protection of those individuals against claims of misappropriation.
  • Approved Signatories for cheques on group account – GSL, Treasurer, Chair, Secretary & Seeonnee Section Leader

Prepaid Cards

The use of the pre-paid cards is to

  • make basic payments for weekly meet activities easier for volunteers
  • reducing volunteer financial commitment  
  • allowing flexibility on camps and activities and reducing risk of volunteer members carrying large amounts of cash

Please note use of these cards is still governed by the rules of acceptable expenditure and MUST HAVE VALID RECEIPTS given to the treasurer

Each section/card will have a balance of approximately £50 and this will be topped up, generally, once a month.  The account will be checked fortnightly however if the card balance needs to be higher, for example to cover camp purchases, then please inform the Treasurer of the amount needed as soon as possible.  Be aware payments from the CAF bank to the FairFX account must be initiated, dual authorised and then transferred.  This cannot happen overnight.

The Treasurer will be pulling off statements from the prepaid cards every month and valid receipts must be kept and given to the Treasurer.

Issued: May 2019