At 4th Ashby we will:

  • Provide annual accounts for the AGM and District Association
  • Provide Budget and Actual expenditure monitoring and revision
  • Aim to conform with guidance from Scout Association, Charity Commission, HMRC and any other bodies that the group are associated with
  • Have our accounts independently audited
  • Provide transparency and monitoring of all group expenditure and income

Safeguarding of Expenditure and Monies

  • All receipts will be given to the Treasurer who will keep a central account of the finances of the group
  • No Cheques or online authorisation will be done by a family or close relationship partner or for themselves.
  • All members of the group are responsible for sensible expenditure and keeping of records, whether handling cash or card to avoid accusations of misappropriation of funds
  • If any expense is for over £50 please check with the GSL or Treasurer
  • For easier audit trail, all expenses to be claimed will be managed by the Treasurer
  • Cash given for events and camps should be banked in the Groups account until needed and then money can be requested for the event.  


Annual Budgeting

  • The Executive Committee/GSL is responsible for approving the annual budget
  • The annual budget for the next financial year should be prepared by 31st January, with discussion from section leaders to GSL about planned events and objectives

Budget monitoring

  • A Financial Statement, showing the budgeted expenses verses actual expenses should be prepared by the Treasurer at least three times a year and then reviewed by the Executive Committee
  • GSL & Section leaders are expected to manage too the approved budget

Budget revision

  • Expected large variances to the budget, with reasons, should be notified to the Treasurer and/or GSL as soon as possible.
  • Known budgetary requirements beyond the next business year should be notified to the Treasurer at the earliest opportunity.
  • Even though a budget has been agreed, volunteers are expected to obtain best value for money. Competitive quotes should be obtained and ongoing contracts reviewed periodically.  Money should not be spent just because a budget exists, but because it represents a valuable outcome for Scouting.

Issued: May 2019