Before commencing on any fundraising scheme please check the Scout associations website for any amendments to the recent POR rules (see Appendix 1)

All Fundraising Activities

For all fundraising activities records must be kept which include the following information  

  • The events purpose
  • The date
  • The location
  • Who was there
  • Total of what was given
  • A list of any expenditure with receipts if possible

This information should be signed by two of the organisers and given to the Group treasurer.


Donation Buckets

If collecting using Donation Buckets they must be

  • Sealed before the event and not opened until in a secure location and with two of the organisers
  • Labelled with 4th Ashby Scout Group (charity no: 1125053) and the dual reason of the fundraising event and 4th Ashby Scout Group.  This means that any money raised is not ring fenced to a specific activity but also the development of the group.  This is In case something happens and the event has to be cancelled.
  • Money is to be recounted by a member of 4th Ashby executive committee to confirm amount.  They will then take this and include into the group’s accounts.

These donations can be included in the Gift Aid Donation Scheme if there has been no single donation of £20.  If this has occurred, please make a note and inform the Treasurer. The gift aid claim will be managed by the Treasurer in the Groups Gift Aid claim.


If sponsored activity is to be run, then ideally use a third-party scheme such as Justgiving as the organisation can manage gift aid.  If this is not possible then please create a sponsorship form that has the following on it

  • 4th Ashby Scout Group (charity no: 1125053)
  • Reason for the event
  • Whether this donation can be gift aided

Gift aid information can be provided for the event.  However, all records and donations are to be handed in and counted by the treasurer and two of the event organisers to agree amounts and then the gift aid will be claimed by the Treasurer within the Groups gift aid claim.

Extra Information

  • Gambling/Lottery Activities – there are specific rules surrounding this type of activity and rules should be checked before anything is commenced
  • Bag Packing – this activity is covered by the Scouts insurance

Leftover Funds and/or Funds for permanently cancelled events

If 4th Ashby Group has raised funds (via fundraising means not parents paying for the event) for an activity that has had to be cancelled or of which too much has been raised, clear evidence of these figures will be put into the Groups yearly accounts and demonstrated that this money has gone towards another activity/piece of equipment for the benefit of the children.  

If there are any more queries please ask your leader, GSL or the Group Treasurer.

Issued: May 2019

Appendix 1

Scout Association – POR January 2019

Rule 3.55 Fundraising  

a. In order to maintain its work and to generate all that is needed to implement its training programme, the Scout Movement has to support itself financially.  

b. Scout Groups are expected to generate sufficient funds to carry out their own programme of activities.  

c. Fundraising carried out on behalf of Scouting must be conducted in accordance with the principles embodied in the Scout Promise and Law.  

d. Within the provisions of this policy the methods of fundraising may be chosen so long as they are consistent with the Movement’s reputation and good standing.  

e. Fundraising conducted on behalf of Scouting may be by any means not forbidden by law, and which is acceptable to the local community, provided that:  

  • the proceeds of the activity go wholly to the work of the Group or, in the case of joint activities with other organisations, that part of the proceeds allotted to the Group is wholly applied to the work of the Group;
  • it does not encourage the habit of gambling.  

f. Public collections of money are allowed provided that the legislation regarding age, action and location of collectors is complied with.  

g. Collections may take place even though there is no visible reciprocal effort for the donation. Stickers and flags are appropriate. It is considered that value for the donation has already been given to society by the work of the Scout Movement in and for the community.  

h. The Scout association operates a number of National Corporate Partnerships, for a list please visit, Any fundraising activity that may include a body from this list has to be approved, pre agreement, by TSA HQ. Please submit an enquiry email to and a member of the team will reply.  

Rule 3.56 Joint Fundraising Projects  

a. Joint fundraising projects with other charitable organisations are permitted provided that the part of the proceeds allotted to the other organisation is used wholly for purposes other than those of private gain.  

b. Country Headquarters should be consulted if there is the slightest doubt as to the bona fides of the other organisation in respect of the purposes of the fundraising activity.

c. When undertaking a joint project it is advisable to agree terms via a Memorandum of Understanding or non-legal agreement.

Rule 3.57 Fundraising and the Law

a. All fundraising undertaken on behalf of the Movement must be carried out as prescribed by the law. This will include those regulations governing house to house collections, street collections, lotteries, gaming, children and young persons. Details may be obtained from the Fundraising section of the Scouts website

Rule 3.58 Lotteries and Gaming

a. If a Group considers raising funds by means governed by any legislation as detailed at Rule 3.57, the proposed activity must have the recorded approval of the Group Executive Committee and Sponsoring Authority, if any, and of the District Chair.  

b. Regard must be paid to the views of parents and to local public opinion. Activities affected by this legislation include raffles, whist drives and similar methods of fundraising involving participation on payment of stakes.  

c. The promoter of any fundraising activity governed by legislation should be a member of the Group Executive Committee.  

d. Scout Groups in the areas adjacent should be informed of the proposed activity.  The fundraising activity should as far as practicable be carried out within the Group’s catchment area.  

e. Any advertising material used must conform with the requirements of the Acts and must not contain any matter which is not in strict conformity with the standards of the Movement.  

f. If the Group is a registered charity, this fact must be stated in any advertising material.

Rule 3.59 Appeals for Funds

a. Groups may not issue general appeals for funds.   

b. In exceptional circumstances approval may be sought from the District Executive Committee.  The District Executive Committee must consult the County Commissioner and Country Headquarters before giving approval.  

c. Any permitted appeal must not exceed the boundaries of the District in which the Group is located.  

Rule 3.60 Professional Fundraisers

a. Groups may not appoint a professional fundraiser without the approval of the District and County Executive Committees who will ensure that the requirements of the legislation are fully complied with.