4th Ashby Group will keep records to comply with the most current regulations from HMRC. We will

  • Keep any paper gift aid forms for 4 years
  • Asking parents to update gift aid details once a year to maintain data validity
  • Verify data from OSM before submitting a claim

4th Ashby group will aim to claim money back from HMRC via the Gift Aid scheme and the Gift Aid Small Donations scheme. The guidelines for these schemes are given below.

Gift Aid

We can claim Gift Aid on donations from individuals however the donor must:

  • have paid the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year
  • make a Gift Aid declaration that gives you permission to claim it

There are special rules for certain activities, if you are thinking of any of the following then please email the Treasurer for exact ruling as to what can and can’t be claimed for:

We can claim Gift Aid on

  • funds from sponsored challenges, eg overseas treks or marathons
  • selling goods on behalf of individuals, eg through a charity shop
  • charity events or to view charity property, charity auctions
  • volunteer expenses donated back to your charity
  • funds raised through charities involved in running schools

We can’t claim Gift Aid on:

  • payments for goods & services this includes camps and activities
  • donations of money from a company
  • gifts that come with a condition on repayment or if we have to buy goods/services from the donor
  • payments received in return for goods or services for example admission to a concert
  • a ‘minimum donation’ where there is no choice about payment
  • gifts made using ‘charity vouchers’ or ‘charity cheques’

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

This scheme allows 4th Ashby to claim top-up payments on small donations of £20 or less.  This includes any bucket donations at Bonfire night, AGM or the Christmas Post.  You don’t need to know the identity of the donors or collect Gift Aid declarations.

You can’t claim on:

  • Where the attendees are paying for a service or goods (e.g. Scout stamps, hotdogs, drinks)
  • donations that come with a valid Gift Aid declaration
  • a £20 portion of a larger gift

Keeping Records

The treasurer will keep records of gift aid claims that will affect 4th Ashby as a group.  

If a sections gets money that gift aid can be claimed on then two people should ideally check, count and sign for any cash collected. If any money is donated/collected in this way contact the Treasurer or GSL immediately.  You will need to record:

  • how much money was collected, including each denomination of coins and notes
  • the date the money was collected
  • that no individual donation was greater than £20

Issued: May 2019