Investment Approval

4th Ashby Group will only make investment decisions with the approval of the Executive Committee and the Trustees.  

Trustees have an obligation to

  • Try to secure the best financial return (within the appropriate level of risk) for the charity’s money
  • Decide how money is to be spent fulfilling the documented charity’s aims.
  • take advice, selecting the right investments and communicating their decisions to the group

Investment Decisions

Investment decisions can include, but is not limited to,

  • Purchase of land, property
  • Moving of bank and monetary assets
  • Selling of existing or purchase of new, large assets

Investment Plan

  • At the start of the year (as part of the budgeting process), 4th Ashby Group must identify expenditure areas that the whole group is moving towards.  
  • Any monetary needs/risks should be identified at the start of the year and monitored throughout the year.  
  • If investment is needed, then the Group will follow the guidelines given by the Charity Commission and the Scout Association.

Issued: May 2019