4th Ashby will only employ staff or hire services to fulfil certain tasks that are

  • outside the remit of a volunteer
  • where we are unable to find a volunteer to manage the activities

Paid Staff for Project work

  • Where a person is hired by 4th Ashby to do a specific task then a Project Supporter Agreement form will be completed and signed by the GSL and Chair stating the project work outline and renumeration available.  
  • At the end of the year the Treasurer will provide the Project worker with a Statement of Services.
  • Before anyone is employed the Scout Association must be contacted to see if there is an up to date Project Supporter form available.

Hired Services

  • Every effort must be made to avoid a Conflict of Interest (see policy) when sourcing services however if a conflict is unavoidable then approval by the Executive Committee/Chair must be gained.

Issued: May 2019