Over more recent years, there is a citation, and this is shown below the name where we have it.

Woodland Beavers

  • 2018 – Benjamin Stevenson

Ben is always very polite and will get on with any task that is set him, he is a great team player and is happy to help out with anyone who needs a helping hand. It has been a pleasure having Ben in our group and we are going to miss him when he moves up to Cubs after the summer holidays.

  • 2017 – George Peddar

George has really been a great child to have in beavers, he always has a smile on his face and ready to start any activity coming. At camp, he was really nervous about coming but as soon as he saw everything around him he got really excited and couldn’t wait for the camp to begin. He is always very polite and a very helpful child, we will miss him when he moves up to cubs, but I hope that he will enjoy himself and continue to grow in his scouting life.

  • 2016 – Jack Gorman

Jack Gorman is always pleasant and polite he joins in with all activities and is always calm and thoughtful, we have never had to have a cross word with him in the 2 years he has been with us.

  • 2015 -Rose Lyon

Rose was chosen as Beaver of the Year – not an easy decision as there were three strong contenders, but her positive attitude shone through.

  • 2014 – Joshua Cribb

Excellent attendance, good progress on badgework and a consistently positive attitude

  • 2013 – Maxwell Hydes
  • 2012 – Fred Jackson
  • 2011 – Jack Roe
  • 2010 – Kyle Sharpe
  • 2009 – William Archer
  • 2008 – Emlyn Wilcox
  • 2007
  • 2006 – William Davis
  • 2005 – Tom Boulton
  • 2004 – William Fletcher
  • 2003 – Piers Nicholas
  • 2002 – Jonathan Scott
  • 2001 – Alexander Butterfield

Riverbank Beavers

This colony opened in 2013

  • 2018 – Jacob Edwards

It’s not all about being the bravest or the strongest.
It’s not always about winning.
It’s not about being the most competitive or the loudest.
It’s about building confidence, overcoming shyness, trying new things out of your comfort zone and making new friends.
This is exactly what this Beaver has done.
He is one of the quietest, the least competitive but he has overcome shyness, built confidence, tried
new things become braver and chattier!
This Beaver is definitely a winner in our eyes and we are delighted to award Jacob Edwards the Riverbank Beaver of the Year 2018.

  • 2017 – Sofia Palumbo

This little lady gets stuck into everything, gives anything a go. Is always polite and incredibly helpful and is happy to volunteer for the clearing up duties where most will avoid like the plague!

  • 2016 – Martha Pearce

She will not let anything stop her, always willing to get stuck in with the activities involved, always has a smile on her face and has recently started to open up a bit more and come out of her shell in meetings.

  • 2015 – Callum Lomas

He is the very essence of what a Beaver should be. Always kind and helpful, throws himself into every task and does his best with a smile on his face. He has taken on the role of lodge leader and leads by example in true Scouting style.

  • 2014 – Thomas Cort

For improvement in behaviour and attitude, and befriending the new beavers and looking after them

  • 2013 – Sam Haines

Mountain Ridge Beavers

Opened in January 2018

  • 2018 – George Broome

George has attended nearly all the Beavers sessions this year. He approaches tasks with enthusiasm, is always extremely polite, helpful and mature and has been a great example to his fellow Mountain Ridge Beavers. Well done George. Unfortunately, he’s not available to collect this award as he’s busy racing motorbikes but we will award it to him during our next Beavers session.

Hidden Valley Beavers

Opened in January 2018

  • 2018 – Joey Lewis

Joey is a very polite young Beaver. He is quietly confident and eager to get involved in any activity. Joey has singularly represented Hidden Valley at the St George’s Day parade and the Warwick Castle event in the short period he has been a Beaver.