Over more recent years, there is a citation, and this is shown below the name where we have it.

Seeonnee Cubs

  • 2018 – Jack Bunney
  • 2017 – Joseph Harris

Joseph has taken part in many Pack activities but has really stepped up since being a sixer

  • 2016 – Jake Lawson

Our cub of the year is based on a points system for attendance, behaviour and helpfulness. This years was a very close and came down to St George’s day parade where this cub was the only 1 out of 30 Seeonnee Cubs that attended.

  • 2015 – Fred Jackson

Fred’s attitude is first class, he tries hard and takes part in all activities.

  • 2014 – Andrew Nevin

For attendance, participation, behaviour and leadership.

  • 2013 – Jake Chambers
  • 2012 – Joe Jenkins
  • 2011 – George Jackson
  • 2010 – Evan Mindham
  • 2009 – Ben Sanderson
  • 2008 – Ryan Mcmenamin
  • 2007 – Ashley Bailey
  • 2006 – Oliver Clemson
  • 2005 – Harry Watson
  • 2004 – Benjamin Clemson
  • 2003 – George Fletcher
  • 2002 – Matthew Hobbs
  • 2001 – Richard Jones

Waingunga Cubs

This pack opened in 2013

  • 2018 – Sam Weatherill

Sam is always willing to participate, has a great attitude and is always well turned out. Not only that, but he shows great leadership potential with his kind nature towards his fellow Cubs.

  • 2017 – Joshua Pearce

Joshua has been nominated again as he continues to be a first-class cub scout. He takes part with enthusiasm and good cheer

  • 2016 – Joshua Pearce

Joshua who was invested into Waingunga whilst on a Victorian cakewalk has consistently shown scouting values and is developing good leadership skills. He always puts maximum effort into activities, is amongst the first to pitch into help and is often among the last to leave making sure that equipment is put away. Although we have a fantastic cub pack and all deserve recognition, The Waingunga team have all put Joshua Pearce forward for this award and all wholeheartedly believe he deserves the Waingunga cub of the year award.

  • 2015 – Patrick Boxall

I was able to rely on Patrick being a team captain and to help to organise others with consistent great behaviour.

  • 2014 – Abigail Atherton

Abigail has always been very dedicated to Cubs, taking part in all Cub pack meetings as well as all other activities offered to the Cubs. Her attendance, manners and lovely personality are outstanding and she is a great asset to Waingunga cubs. Abigail is a very determined and committed young girl who puts 100% into everything she does not just at Cubs but at home and school as well

  • 2013 – Harry Hart