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How to: Sign up for an Event

To help us plan sessions and activities, we invite parents to sign their children up for events.

When you login, you may have “Pending Events” which need responding to. You will also see a white circle against the menu items where there are things that are new for you to see.

When you click on the meeting name (E.g. Weekly Beaver Meeting (Tues) above), you will be provided more information and then you can use the buttons to let us know.

It’s really helpful to know both if you are or are not sending your child to an event.

Sometimes there may not be a space remaining, please register onto the reserve list, if a place becomes available we will know you are interested.

You will also see there is a deadline and that changes can be made until then. Should you need to update us after that, please get in touch with the event organiser.

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